Our Mission

Our mission is beyond simple. Put out in the air every possible idea and tool for today’s modern sailor to launch their journey into sailing.

With the aid of simple tools of education this can be a fun and enjoyable journey. Olfree Sailing is committed to the easy and simple education at all levels. If today’s sailor has all the basic tools at their disposal their only barrier could only be themselves.

Ideas are special. Use your ideas to not only advance your sailing knowledge but rather advance you thoughts and desire to always go to the next level in every way and with every tool.


We are a team of passionate sailors with over 100 years of combined sailing experience. We have enjoyed the sport from many perspectives, whether competing as individuals, coaching as leaders, or conceptualizing as innovators. At the end of the day, it all comes back to our love of this sport. And though we focus on the positive, we are not afraid to identify shortcomings, and that is exactly what we found with traditional wind indicators in competitive racing.

Severe heeling conditions render traditional wind indicators ineffective. That was the problem that we identified, so we embarked on coming up with a solution. We tapped the University of California for their most talented engineers and partnered with the Additive Rocket Corporation, who also happened to be sailors, in order to brainstorm and test many versions of our idea.

We employed some of the leading technology available today for design and testing. With the use of 3D printing, wind tunnels and UV testing equipment we created model after model to get the most advanced product of its kind. The science and engineering of this qualified us to apply for a patent for multiple uses. We have truly created the best-in-class solution for a centuries old problem.