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Olfree Advantage Wind Indicator

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Get Ahead of the Competition

With the Olfree Advantage Wind Indicator, sailing has raised the bar in wind detection. By always knowing where the wind that powers your boat is coming from, a sailor can take full advantage of not only prevailing winds but wind shifts and changes that can greatly affect outcomes, especially in competitive environments.

Through patented stabilization technology, the Olfree Advantage Wind Indicator has achieved an unprecedented zero resistance factor. The wind foil is floating on a cushion of magnetic energy and our ruggedized, high-fiber plastic outer shell, which conceals the solid brass skeleton.

Sail Smarter and Faster

Understanding wind accuracy and direction is the most effective tool to increase both your boat speed and your skill as a sailor. Because of our patented technology, the Olfree Advantage Wind Indicator works for you at any angle of sail, even in extreme heeling conditions.

Any person who sails for pleasure or competition can take advantage of this technology, because the only thing constant about wind is change.